Hüsband - An LP Fête for Situation Room w/s/g Teneia
Presented by Pearl Street Warehouse

Hüsband - An LP Fête for Situation Room

Ages 21+
Please join Pearl Street Warehouse as we welcome Hüsband to our stage for a LP Fête for their album Situation Room w/Tenia

HüsBand plays original melodic pop with a lyrical bite. This quartet of local musicians blends diverse musical influences to hone their own groove of rhythm and rhyme. Reflective, driving, and laid back, all at the same time

HüsBand’s sharp societal and political commentary is rife with acerbic wit, and the four piece band’s music exudes a breezy, jazz rock informed sophistication. Though the guys individually don’t always agree on influences, and, thus, pool from a vibrant variety of classic rock, modern rock, alternative rock, jazz rock, and jam rock inspirations, their music exhibits an intriguing cohesion. “A fan once said‘You sound like ABBA because all of your songs sound different,but you sound the same, you sound like HüsBand.


Teneia Sanders -

Folk soul singer songwriter, Teneia is a national touring musician who spreads a message of love and equality. Her profound take on love and social justice makes her a force of nature.

"I get the feeling Teneia could breathe soul into just about anything."

J.K. Oliver - (EarCandy Mazagine)

“A cross between Ani DiFranco and Aretha Franklin...”

Herman Snell -(Jackson Free Press)





Venue Information:
Pearl Street Warehouse
33 Pearl St SW
Washington, DC, 20024