Bencoolen, Surprise Attack

Pearl Street Warehouse Presents


Surprise Attack

The Chris Cassaday Concoction

Fri · September 21, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

This show is G.A.

Seating is limited and first come first serve.

Tables are meant to be shared.

Bencoolen is a maximalist rock band that includes blues, funk, and soul influences in their sound. The band features soaring vocals, swift sax lines, and huge guitar tones. They were founded early in 2014 by Paul Gregg and Teddy Scott, but ramped up into a touring outfit in February 2016 after adding Will Lockery on the drums and Ben Suarez on bass soon after.

The group recently released a single called, “In the End” and is working on their first full length for winter release. In the single, the rhythm section holds down a tight groove as the song builds around overdriven sax and smooth vocal lines before exploding into a ripping guitar solo. The song is a collaboration between sax player, Jack Bentsen, and singer/guitarist, Paul Gregg.

“In the End”, following previously released singles called “Spotlight” and “The Crown,” describes a journey around the world in pursuit of a love long lost, serving as a metaphor for the lost opportunities that we all try to chase down in life. The artwork depicts a desert scene to emphasize how far the journey can take you.

The band has spent the last year working tirelessly to songwrite and tour. Bencoolen has recently played up and down the East Coast from Savannah, Georgia up to New York City. They have supported tours for Mihali of Twiddle, Marcus King, Spafford, Mungion, Atlas Road Crew, Mondo Cozmo, and Big Something. The highlights of recent efforts have included slots at Firefly Music Festival in 2017 and at Musikfest in 2018.
Surprise Attack
Surprise Attack
Drawing inspiration from across the musical spectrum to create their unique "Mountain Funk" sound, Surprise Attack thrives on collaboration and improvisation. The group’s five members share a deep connection and a passion for uncompromising, progressive music that keeps listeners guessing and always lands somewhere unexpectedly familiar.

There’s no wonder why they call themselves “Surprise Attack,” their music is anything but boring.​ – The Jamwich

It is clear to me from the recordings that Surprise Attack is having as much fun making this music as I am having listening to it. – Ragin' Randy Entertainment

I love the sound these guys are putting out. It’s really cool to hear what these guys are doing. – DC Music Rocks

The music is fun! It’s got this real loose, fun feel. – Another Wasted Hour
The Chris Cassaday Concoction
The Chris Cassaday Concoction
The Cassaday Concoction is a Washington, DC based funk-rock fusion group. Formed in the summer of 2017, the band consists of DC music scene veterans Chris Cassaday (guitarist & vocalist of Micro Massive), Bryan Moran (bassist of Katita & The Fajitas) and Miles Lieder (drummer of Dale and The ZDubs). Brought together by circumstance while in between bands, each member's eclectic musical background gives both the band's original music and crowd pleasing cover-tunes a unique and powerful edge, luring the audience in with catchy harmonies, hard-punching rock and roll, and dance-inducing funk groove
Venue Information:
Pearl Street Warehouse
33 Pearl St SW
Washington, DC, 20024