John The Martyr

Pearl Street Warehouse Presents

John The Martyr

Tue · June 18, 2019

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm



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John The Martyr
John The Martyr
New York City is full of stories about the power of paradox pairings- where the attributes of two or more
entities create something enduring, new and exciting. Here’s a new one for ya…
Born at the crossroads of good old-fashioned Harlem soul power and next generation New Orleans
voodoo, the story of John The Martyr started when a 26-year old NOLA native named Kyle Ridley
moved to New York City with best friends, Dustin DiSalvo and Chris Hines, in search of a singer for
some new songs he had written. He was getting on the subway one day, and found himself enchanted by
Harlem native Bill Hudson who was the lead vocalist in a doo-wop group singing to people as they
waited for the train.
“He blew me away,” Kyle recalls. “I grew up listening to artists like The Temptations, The Drifters, and
James Brown, so it brought me back home. Everybody was sort of just walking by and going about their
day, but I just stood there and watched. I had to reach out.”
Shortly thereafter, Kyle invited Bill to record demos. They bonded instantly and continued to work together
on creating some new tunes.
“The first thing I said to him was, ‘I think you should find a younger guy, number one’,” laughs Bill. “I liked
what Kyle was putting down though. It had a feeling. It wasn’t generic. There was no classifying it.”
“I just knew we had something special,” recalls Kyle. “I wanted to listen to his voice more and more. When
I was growing up, my dad only let us hear his bread-and-butter favorites from the fifties and sixties, so
that’s what Bill and I bonded over. He’s a young guy at heart. There was a lot of patience from him, and
his wisdom is so crucial to this band. We’re constantly learning from him.”
Kyle later shared the demos he had recorded with Dustin and Chris and John The Martyr was formed.
The childhood friends brought together a collective of diverse musicians around Hudson, forming an 11-
piece ensemble that started playing regularly around NYC and building an organic incredible fanbase.
John The Martyr set about rehearsing, cutting demos, and honing their sound in the secret basement of
an old church called John The Martyr in uptown Manhattan. Says Bill, “We did a lot of woodshedding to
get the songs to this point. You could say they were ‘off the rack,’ and we tailored them. It’s been a
journey and a wild ride.”
“The chemistry was great,” adds Chris. “There’s a community feeling. There’s just something in the room.
Bill is a professional showman with a magnetic personality. He’s 45 years older than me, but you’d never
know it.”
Funded by the sale of one of Chris’ paintings, who incidentally created the artwork for the forthcoming
album and each of its singles, the group began officially recording their album at Virtue and Vice Studios
in Brooklyn with engineers Rocky Gallo and Stephen Davies. They enlisted a cadre of proficient
musicians from around the globe to bring the albums 11 songs to life, creating a subtle international flavor
that courses through the record’s DNA:
Venue Information:
Pearl Street Warehouse
33 Pearl St SW
Washington, DC, 20024