Lisztomania (n) - A constant need to listen to listen to music. Almost like the beginning of a 2000s movie, Lisztomania was sparked after lead guitarist Brandon Uebel and drummer Kevin Protzman saw a career day presentation by a guitarist that encouraged them to "just get a group together man." Those words, while not seemly deep on the surface, led Uebel to ask a simple question to Protzman: "So, what's the name of our new band going to be?" The two immediately picked up lead singer Patrick Scott and Bassist Ryan Jaikeran and formed the group that was originally called 5 Times the Funk. A couple years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the band changed its name to the one-word title "Lisztomania" and picked up keyboardist Andrew Whipp to complete the make-up of what the band is today. In the summer of 2021, the band began its journey in Catonsville, Maryland and hit the studio in spring of 2022 to record its first single "Mrs. Mysterious" for the North Carolina based movie "50 Times Rock."

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