Never Ending Fall

Never Ending Fall (NEF) consists of Jack Miller (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Tommy StClair (drums), Conrad Boyd (guitar, synth), Pearce Eisenhardt (guitar), and Johnny Hohman (bass). Forming their band in the 4th grade, the Maryland natives display a dynamic blend of rock, funk, jazz, and electric feel-good melodies.  The band’s catchy tracks and undeniable creativity has allowed them to grow rapidly building organic buzz - hitting over 1 million likes on TikTok within a week from their beloved series and jingle, “Can it Kirkland”. Independently, the band released their full-length album Space City in 2020 and since then has been working on defining their new sound. Most recently, they released their single, “Like She Does”, which is available on all major streaming platforms. The now Los Angeles-based band is set to release an EP in early 2023, uplifted by their highly anticipated single, “Bad Taste”, out October 28th.


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