Atlus *NEW DATE*
Thu Apr 25 8:00 pm
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About This Event

July 2022 - Atlus is a recording artist and songwriter hailing from
Denver, Colorado. He developed a distinctive yet catchy sound,
combining influences as diverse as pop, rock, hip-hop, and pretty
much anything in between. Born Sean Haywood, the artist calls
Colorado home. Making music has always been a life-long dream for
him, and even though he had to overcome many challenges, he is
living proof that anyone can live their best life if they desire and focus
on achieving their goals! To this day, Atlus still aims to make music
that will deeply resonate with the audience. He wants to make a
genuine impact and inspire people from all walks of life, especially in
dealing with pain and anxiety.
At the core of it all, Atlus has a very genuine approach to writing
songs that connect with the audience on a much deeper level. If you
take a gander at the artist's description on Spotify, you will notice that
he describes himself as just a dude who drinks beer and watches
Netflix. While I'm sure most of us can relate, especially in the heat of
the summer, when staying indoors seems like the best idea, it is
unfair to just label him as a slacker who watches TV and drinks some
beers! If there is one thing to consider is that music is louder than
1000 words. If you let the music speak for the artist, you will agree
that Atlus is a passionate and hard-working creative who wants to
share something with his audience and express himself through his
music. So, what can we expect from Atlus in terms of sound? The
first thing you will notice is that he has a hard-hitting sound, and he
doesn't abide by the usual rules and clichés that define styles and
Because Atlus is always so eager to try new things and push the



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Atlus is a singer who blends the country genre with different alternative sounds to create a unique experience for the listener. Creating music from personal stories, his live preformances are a personal celebration of his life. 

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