Baby Bugs & Solya
Fri Sep 27 8:00 pm
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About This Event

Baby Bugs is an alternative music project founded by Bowie. After years of being held under the weight of mental illness and emotional abuse, Bowie found that writing their thoughts in the form of a song or poem was the only way they could express their feelings clearly. Bowie released the first official Baby Bugs song, “Hey Bunny”, in March 2021. This song surpassed one million streams within 2 months. The sudden success of their music and the response from listeners encouraged them to continue to sing and write about their emotions, and continue helping others who experience similar things feel less alone.

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Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Solya made her debut in February 2023 at the age of 16 with her 3-track EP “Fever Dream." Her songs create a dark, ethereal world, blending elements of psychedelic and grunge rock, indie pop, and electronic music. All of her music is recorded and produced from her home in West Texas.
Two of her singles “Tear Me Apart” and “Roadkill”  surpassed one million streams on Spotify in less than a year. Solya looks forward to connecting with fans at future live shows.

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