blasé and mikewave + Lisztomania + Ian Persaud
Thu Mar 07 8:00 pm
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Since 2017, DMV-based Pop/R&B artists blasé and mikewave have established their presence in the local music scene. Growing up together in the suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland, the duo went from covering blink-182 songs in various garage bands to writing and recording original music. In addition to their unique and visceral songwriting, they pride themselves in being self taught in production and engineering, which is reflected in all of their releases.  In 2020, blasé and mikewave co-released their debut concept album, Vitae, under their independent label, 3:33AM Multimedia Collective. This album tells a compelling story of relationships and personal development, emphasizing self love.  Post album, the duo continued to release and perform music, perfecting their technical abilities and production value. They have performed at venues such as Milkboy Arthouse, The Pinch, I/O Spaces and The Hall CP. Notably, blasé and mikewave are also co-founders and performers of their own music and arts festival, Lemon Zest Fest. In the two years of the event’s existence, they have consistently gathered 250+ people in attendance.  Both artists are continually evolving, promising more exciting music and performances. Keep an eye out for their upcoming work under the 3:33AM Multimedia Collective.

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