FREE SHOW!! Fourth Of July Celebration featuring - Airshow
Thu Jul 04 7:00 pm
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About This Event

FREE SHOW!!  Band playing before and after the Fireworks.

Airshow i
s a high-flying, Nashville-based jam band featuring a unique contrast of familiar acoustic and mind-bending electric sounds that transports listeners from a campfire picking-party to the outer reaches of the multiverse

Formed by longtime friends Cody Chelius (Mandolin / Vocals) and Steve Gallagher (Guitar / Vocals), the group’s lineup was completed with the addition of Bill Baker (Bass/ Vocals) and John Rodrigue (Drums/ Vocals) in 2016. While each member has different musical influences, it is their shared passion for exploring uncharted sonic territories that has propelled their ascension to the top of Nashville’s jamband scene— and they won’t be landing anytime soon.

Having released two studio albums ‘Shimmer’ (2021) and ‘Up in the Clouds’ (2019), as well as two EPs, ‘Anubis’ (2020) and ‘Lightbulb’ (2017), Airshow has started sharing live recordings of recent shows from all across the north and southeast. The band has their navigation set in all directions, so keep your eyes peeled for the one and only Airshow in your town soon!

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