Happy Landing "The Golden Tour"
Thu Nov 14 8:00 pm
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About This Event

HAPPY LANDING is an American folk rock band formed in Oxford, Mississippi in 2020 by Matty Hendley (guitar/vocals), Keegan Christensen (keys/bass/vocals), Jacob Christensen (drums/vocals), Andrew Gardner (violin/mandolin/vocals), and Wilson Moyer (bass/guitar/vocals). The group pioneers a new style of “edgy, folky rock,” captivating audiences across the US with their energetic live shows and fresh sound, blended from the roots of indie rock, folk, and punk.  

In 2024, following a successful year of touring with notable bands like The Head and The Heart, Judah & the Lion, and The 502’s, the band is set to release and tour their first full-length album  and make their debut at major festivals and venues around the country.

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Arts Fishing Club is an American acoustic band from Appleton, Wisconsin, comprising Christopher Kessenich, Peter Eddins, Jimi Greene, Brian Kempson, and Matthew Siffert.

The name 'Arts Fishing Club' is both an homage to Kessenich's grandfathers (each named Arthur) and a reminder of the perspective he wants to take on life: Art is like fishing. You explore a "sea" of creativity, casting out lines (writing songs) with the hopes of landing a big catch (a song that people love). However, you cannot derive your self-worth from what you end up with at the end of a day. Fishing, music, and life are about the adventure that they take you on and about the people you get to share it with. It's about being in the boat with people you love.

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