Mike Pinto Band with Special Guest Kyle Smith
Thu May 30 8:00 pm
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This show is 21+ only.


No oversize bags or backpacks will be allowed into the venue. All bags/purses are subject to search. This show is G.A. Seating will be first come first serve. The Mezzanine is accessed by a staircase. For ADA seating requirements please contact the venue directly before purchasing tickets.

Mike Pinto has crafted an exceptional style of songwriting, with a truly unique take on Roots, Vintage Rock, Reggae, Ska and Classic Surf, but it’s his distinct voice and seamless storytelling that has brought him success both in the United States and overseas.


Mike Pinto Band

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Mike Pinto has crafted an exceptional style of songwriting, with a truly unique take on Roots, Vintage Rock, Reggae, Ska and Classic Surf, but it’s his distinct voice and seamless storytelling that have brought him success both in the States and overseas.

With the release of his debut album (LITTLE DISTRICT, 2005), Pinto began his attack on the Philadelphia music scene as a solo artist. By 2006, underground success and a rabid growing fanbase allowed him to expand westward with two nationwide solo acoustic tours. After the second tour, Pinto landed in San Diego, CA where he immersed himself in the thriving Southern California music scene quickly gaining a name. His infectious sound garnered so much attention that Insomnia Radio added his single "One More Time" amidst a hard hitting compilation of the SoCal sound’s brightest groups.

Pinto’s music quickly traveled out of the continental States and could be found on Japanese compilations, Hawaii's top radio stations via supporter and top radio personality Shaggy Jenkins as well as topping charts in Guam. As in true Pinto fashion, the hype was followed up with live performances where he sold out shows in Guam, Big Island, Maui and Oahu, creating even more buzz in the wake of the performances.

In late 2007 Pinto teamed up with professional skateboarder and legendary Drummer/Producer Chuck Treece of Pearl Jam, G Love, Bad Brains and McRad fame, to produce his most known release to date. With Treece lending his knack for production and playing a number of the instruments on the album, Pinto's self-titled album has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. The album gained so much attention that Pinto was urged to follow it up with an entirely acoustic version, EVERYTHING I GOT, which included some new tracks as well, released in late 2009.

Pinto has an innate and uncanny ability to write songs that are timeless by making them completely relatable. His writing reflects his own real-life experiences and his limitless imagination. This ability to speak to people on a more personal level and establish a deeper, more meaningful connection has been instrumental in developing an unwavering bond with his fans.

His songwriting style is reminiscent of the deep and intimate storytelling ability of the iconic Bob Dylan. The result is music that is completely new and songs that are hugely inspiring. Mike’s music brings a more cerebral lyrical songwriting style and unique take roots, vintage rock, ska, surf and reggae scene while paying a great deal of homage to their history as well.

THE WEST IS STILL WILD EP (2011) is Pinto’s follow-up to EVERYTHING I GOT (2009) and is heavily influenced by the excitement of incorporating new elements, fresh inspirations and a band. This larger arrangement brings additional layers to the music, yet still retains his trademark sound and voice. The album was produced by Lewis Richards and recorded at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA, a very highly regarded recording hub and home to other well-known artists such as the Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid and Sublime with Rome.

With THE WEST IS STILL WILD EP, Pinto pays homage to the inspiration he derives from the west coast, “It’s been 160 years since the Gold Rush and there are still people making the trip from all over the country because they feel their destiny is to reach the west coast. As someone who also was drawn to that same appeal, I wanted to capture that,” Pinto says about the making of THE WEST IS STILL WILD. The EP is designed to be a journey, not unlike his own, a culmination of experiences and discoveries about what it feels like to be out west - from how wild it was, to how wild it is and to how wild it will always be.

With a focus on creating community through music and delivering a live performance reminiscent of the early days of Rock and Roll, Mike Pinto is doing things a bit different, which makes the journey that much more exciting to watch.

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