Yacht Lobsters
Fri Sep 13 8:00 pm
$16.00 - $35.00 Buy Tickets

About This Event

Established in 2022 in New York City, the Yacht Lobsters sail the waves of the butteriest Soft Rock of the 70's and early 80's.  Their big sound recreates - and at times reimagines - the studio mastery of retro-rock icons like Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates, Toto, etc. It's the breezy Yacht Rock cool vibe you know and love, fused with stellar vocals, a versatile horn section and unique elements of NOLA funk, classic rock and jazz improvisation to keep things bouncy, set your mood to festive and ensure your boat's a-rockin'.  There's even a tasteful smattering of original music that sounds like it stepped right out of 1978. Founded by the visionary team behind Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution, the Lobster Roster features NYC's finest professional musicians.

Grab your captain's hat, make that Pina Colada a double and climb aboard!

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